B’more-Philly Dance Compendium

Here’s three different Baltimore/Philadelphia dance moves. One, we got Rockin’ Off; two is the Spongebob, and the third is the Wu-Tang.

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Philadelphia’s Wu-Tang Revival

One of the most popular dance crazes coming out of the Philadelphia club scene is called the Wu-Tang. Funnily, the Shaolin footwork isn’t matched with a Staten Island MC, but instead ATL’s Lil Jon’s werewolf howl: “Wut wut wut wut wut wut wut!!!” Here’s some KILLIN’ IT examples of how the move is done (watch for the props in the Wu-wing arm-styles):

Here’s some totally PUMPED little girls doing a Wu-Tang battle contest–AMAZING!!

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Rockin Off in Baltimore

I love Baltimore Club. B’more Bounce. So far as I can tell, this is the most positive house music scene in America, the best production, the wildest most playful DJ style of any city anywhere, best samples, finest dance steps (best names for moves, eg: Wu-Tang): seriously rockin’ off.

the serious HUSTLE MAN