Ehman & Zumpano collaboration

SP Ehman used to live in a fine old house on Pender Street in the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver, where he and some other artists rented rooms. The kitchen was the place where they liked to do most of their artwork. Eventually Ehman moved out and others moved in. Then a treeplanter bought the house and had to evict everybody. When the new tenants moved out they had a massive housewrecker party, documented in this video.

The video is an animated tribute to the kitchen that once was a great art studio. The music is by Vancouver’s master of pathos, piano magician Jason Zumpano, and it was all made for the show Cyrillic Typewriter commissioned by ViVo, an artist-run centre here in town dedicated to audio-visual experimentation of all stripe.

4 Minutes of Fire

Some epicly good Baltimore dancing in the basketball courts.