Stay Fly

I remember how fascinated I was by this Three-Six Mafia video when it came out. I thought the world was revolving upside down. Pretty entertaining.

XXX – Western Magazine Award Nom’

A profile of the artist Aurel Schmidt that I wrote for the visual arts magazine Border Crossings won a Manitoba magazine award earlier in the year and is now up for a Western Magazine Award. After I wrote the article, Aurel was chosen to appear in the 2010 Whitney Biennial — and a lot more articles on her work followed that announcement. But I can only claim to know of her amazing work before every other writer because she began her life as an artist here in Vancouver and lived half a block away from me when she started doing the infamous zombies. I had already written an introductory essay for her first show of abstract paintings at Anti-Social a year or more before that…

Canadian Literature reviews The Man Game

Canadian Literature, the venerable journal of criticism and review published by UBC, has posted a generous review of The Man Game by Duffy Roberts.

Jae Slym – East Van MC

Vancouver has a few scarce rappers, more now than back in the day. But wowza, we got one MC named Jae Slym. I don’t know anything about Slym, just happened on him after being linked to a MHS vid, Jae Slym might live next door to me, for all I know, he might be living in Bad Manors, but sounds like Slim’s from the down in the Dirty, like an East Van repping Young Bleed. His YouTube tracks are banana nuts. He’s the best rapper I think I’ve ever heard from East Van. Has he bro’d down with the — slightly-less qualified– Money Hungry Syndicate? Is Slym working with Babe Rainbow yet?

( props to Mount Pleasant kickin it: Lil’ Joe Hizzle!)