Heard the new Salem?

new Salem single: King Night

holy cows, this is taking the group’s drag – trip style to a whole new level. This band is already considered so influential as to have spawned this new genre “drag” which is just a nice way of saying slow, creepy, Argento-esque nightmare synth music. What began as a horror metal uptake on DJ Screw’s “screwed & chopped” remix style has really evolved into something truly and spectacularly dark. I’m into this track, it kind of reminds me of early Third Eye Foundation, but with the incessant drum&bass breakbeat replaced with new Gucci Mane-flavored Atlanta 808 synth-snaps.  Drumma Boy or Zaytoven as white teenage meth zombies.

Rock D, Big Boi — DDT

One half of Altanta rap duo Outkast, Big Boi is about to release his first solo record Sir Luscious Left Foot, and I’ve been following the leaks assiduously, the man is a musical genius, lyrical breakdancer, and his beats are way beyond the average production. I was vexed when the Purple Ribbon Allstars amounted to a fat zilch in the rap scene, considering the heavy verbal flows of all Boi’s second-line rappers. Especially vexing to me was the lack of tracks by Rock D, who stole “Kryptonite” with his opening verse. Rock D had a couple verses on some Killer Mike mixtapes, but that’s all I’ve heard. Well, and this. Here’s a link to download a recent Rock D single that I don’t think was ever properly released, featuring bossman Big Boi. Sweet beat, killer 16 by the son of Chico Dusty, and hopefully a sign of more to come from the young Rock D.

Rock D, feat. Big Boi — DDT

Casablanca – Mzo Bullet

I follow South African pantsula township house as closely as possible, and this track “Mzo Bullet” by Casablanca is a total mystery to me, but an amazing drumbeat and video that I’ve watched plenty often over the last few years. The video is full of twerking pantsula jive moves and township references that fascinate me. You can get the track if you download Ngoma 6, the latest mixtape by Dj Zhao with this tune and more quality African tech house post-kwaito funk, Dj Mujava, Dj Cleo, and others, including and a tightly edited version of a Dj Dikota tune “Pitori Streets” that I’ll offer here.


27 Dj Dikota – Pitori Streets

Scream Show

Here’s a review in my favorite tabloid, the Toronto Star, of the the show at The Justina M. Barnicke Gallery featuring two of my favorite artists, Toronto’s Ed Pien and Cape Dorset’s Samonie Toonoo, and curated by the always astute and unconventional Nancy Campbell. Check out the link on Toonoo’s name for a look at some more of his stunning soapstone sculptures.

Bad Newsz – Live 4 Ever

Who is Bad Newsz? — all I know is he’s a Cali rapper with a fresh tongue on the hip hop tip. Check out this song from his free mixtape, D.R.U.G.S.

download mp3:

Bad Newsz – live4ever

Logo Hoax – Paul Watson – webmaster

Thanks goes out to my dear e-friend Paul Watson aka Logo Hoax for helping me set up this easy-to-use new version of my website. A link to my old site with its awkward Flash phrasing will go on the side panel, in case you are interested in what an early Y2K site looks like compared to now.

Check his Logo Hoax video (music and visuals) from 2003. I saw this on MuchMusic and sent Paul and email and we’ve stayed in contact ever since. Such a talented guy!!

I Can See Them Haters Runnin’

Dirty South fans, can you tell me who is rapping on this track? I found it on a leak or mixtape preview of Shawty Lo’s debut Units in the City, but when that album actually came out, this track wasn’t on it. It doesn’t sound like Shawty Lo, but is probably one of his boys, possibly named Tony. Not sure. Anyway, it’s a sweet track, sounds like a radio is playing somewhere in the background underneath the fingersnaps and low end bass theory. Probably one of the best tunes I’ve heard that I know nothing about.

download mp3:

I Can See Them Haters Runnin’