B’more-Philly Dance Compendium

Here’s three different Baltimore/Philadelphia dance moves. One, we got Rockin’ Off; two is the Spongebob, and the third is the Wu-Tang.

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Lunice and Lazer Sword

One of the best bedroom dancers coming out of the West Coast, Lunice can dance like a cylon — EXACTLY to the jittery beat — Lazer Sword’s post-Dilla dance music production is some of the best in the US. Lazer Sword has plenty of mixes and tracks available if you Google hard enough, and my god, all vids by Lunice are worth watching for sure. His body can do the impossible, he is a genius with the joints. Don’t know what the dance style is called. I think I heard Sascha Frere Jones call the music style Lazer Bass.


Philadelphia’s Wu-Tang Revival

One of the most popular dance crazes coming out of the Philadelphia club scene is called the Wu-Tang. Funnily, the Shaolin footwork isn’t matched with a Staten Island MC, but instead ATL’s Lil Jon’s werewolf howl: “Wut wut wut wut wut wut wut!!!” Here’s some KILLIN’ IT examples of how the move is done (watch for the props in the Wu-wing arm-styles):

Here’s some totally PUMPED little girls doing a Wu-Tang battle contest–AMAZING!!

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Rockin Off in Baltimore

I love Baltimore Club. B’more Bounce. So far as I can tell, this is the most positive house music scene in America, the best production, the wildest most playful DJ style of any city anywhere, best samples, finest dance steps (best names for moves, eg: Wu-Tang): seriously rockin’ off.

the serious HUSTLE MAN


B-Boy Junior

Possibly the greatest (new school) breakdancer in the world ever of all time? B-Boy Junior defies anatomy & gravity. Check this out:


Tha Pope – Rest in Peace

Amazing wobbly cellphone vid of Tha Pope rocking some juke moves between classes. Tha Pope was a true original, and from all the footage I’ve watched, he was the footwork master.

as 14FREEMATTHALE88 comments on YouTube:
This nigga was a known nigga from Morse To Lawrence too bad that shit happened to him GDN till the end and beyond…RIP a Real B.B. I.C.G. nigga…from ya folkks on farwell

Here’s volume 1 of Tha Pope’s classic captures

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X-Menn Jitting

Out of Detroit, another style of footwork called Jit. Same breakneck BPM as juke dancing out of Chicago, Detroit is always a little more electronic, but both cities are total hybrid genius zones with DJs dropping techno-house-electro-gangsta-fuckery of inimitable groove. Here’s how Jit’s done:


DJ Nate – Break Buddy Ankles

Here’s an amazing example of what’s coming off the streets of Chicago lately, the dance styles and music production is all homegrown to fit the local vibe. Juke dancing is what it’s called, and basically it’s a lot of ninjaquick footwork on a bunch of different slice&dice moves, all done to juke house music on the curb.