The Road Narrows As You Go

Road Narrows As You Go

The Road Narrows As You Go manuscript pages

This Fall, Penguin Canada’s Hamish Hamilton will publish a novel The Road Narrows As You Go, based on these pages. Pictured are six years worth of sketches, early drafts, total failures, revisions, rewrites, and research notes. Not pictured is a final draft, completed about a week ago. I’m about to start copy-editing and I’m curious what changes I’ll make with the Penguin team in the final-final edit. Phewf! Already my head feels a little lighter on my shoulders and aches a little less knowing this is the home-stretch.

Most recent draft of the cover art for the book

Most recent draft of the cover art for the book

2 Responses to “The Road Narrows As You Go”

  1. Michael Says:
    August 14th, 2014 at 8:54 am

    Woo-hoo!!! Can’t wait to pick my copy up!

    I know it will be amazing.
    Congrats — you must be so proud and also relieved!!

    So…have you started your next one yet?

  2. Robert Dobbson Says:
    April 14th, 2015 at 5:38 am

    Lee – I’d love to hear your insights about the complex interplay of fact & fiction. I could have been a character in this ‘novel’ of yours, but I’m very real. I’m one of those ordinary folk who fought the satanic panic, circa 1987-1992. I worked with local police, through the Integrated Intelligence Unit, and I belonged to Kerr’s network. The panic lives on, (refer current Hampstead hoax), and I’m still involved in the fight against it.

    I’ll be submitting a request to the RCMP, very soon, to have them look into Lawrence Pazder as a suspect in BC cases of missing & murdered aboriginal women. Because, Pazder’s very detailed and explicit descriptions of extreme sexual violence against children, in his presentation to the Fort Collins, Colorado conference on September 9–12, 1986, didn’t come from any case files. Pazder makes no reference to any criminal investigations or prosecutions as a source of this information. He never says: “In the case of “X”, whose parents were charged with “Y” offences in “Z” location…” like every police officer involved in such conference presentations does. No, Pazder’s extreme abuse scenarios come straight out of his own imagination and nowhere else. They are a combination of his personal masturbation fantasies and the sexual roleplaying scenarios he engaged in with Michelle during those lengthy “disappearances” that ultimately led to them divorcing their spouses and marrying each other. And, Pazder clearly got off on describing his fantasies to rooms filled with police officers! [“I’m so much smarter than you, alleged ‘detectives’ – I can stand here and confess my crimes right in your faces and you’ll never even suspect that’s what I’m doing”]

    Then there’s the bizarre interplay of drug abuse, cultic sexual violence and underground comics. What did you learn? How much do you know? There was Zakatarius the pantheist [who was/is Blaine Blaine, aka Purple Blaine, aka Gold Catcher] and his anti-female homosexual cult in Berkeley. The original Zodiac murders were carried out by his enormous temple guard and lover, but Zakatarius would have been in the background gleefully watching and perhaps directing. The young lovers they stalked had to be punished – the boys for allowing the girls to “seduce” them into the abomination of heterosexual sex, (To Zakatarius, homosexual acts were holy and pure, heterosexual acts were blasphemy and ‘pollution’), the females for being demonic seductresses that turned boys into homophobic “straights” who would reject the advances of Zakatarius and his cult mates. This is why the boys sometimes survived the frenzied attacks, but the girls never did. They both must be punished, but their hatred was directed very specifically at the females.

    None of this was known or understood by the Comics Man and his cartoonist buddies, when they created a super-villian out of the reports of these attacks, and had their character write letters expousing his philosophy and threatening more violence & death. It was a lark, a hoax. People were so stupid…especially mainstream journalists and “the pigs”. They really believed this Zodiac supervillian was real! But the lark went terribly, tragically wrong when the crazy mo-fo attacker turned the tables on them. He studied their prank writings very carefully, and turned himself into their fictional character – complete with a very appropriate cartoon villian costume! And proceeded to carry out one of his most horrific crimes to date, all dressed up as the Comics Man’s hoax supervillian. “Thrilling Murder Tales”, indeed, Lee.

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