From Brno to BC Bears

In honour of Zuzana, who is doing a terrific job organizing the Canadian half of the Brno Festival of Authors in the Czech Republic that I just got back from, and who is doing her thesis on bears in Canadian literature, here are some pictures of bears from the Vancouver archives. Most of the pictures are by JS Matthews, Vancouver’s first historian and gas jockey.

bear and dog do the man game

a bear and a dog (who looks like Zuzka’s pup Kuba!) performing the man game.

grizzly bear

bear carving

care bear

bucket bears

Moe Dee and a bear cub

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  1. Zuzana Says:
    July 17th, 2008 at 2:25 am

    Hello Lee,
    thank you for your nice words and the pictures! It was great to see you reading in Brno. I cannot wait to have time to read your book!
    Take care!
    Zuzana xox

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