Cashing Czeques – Man Game reading in Brno

Know anyone in Brno? On Canada Day, I’ll be the first Canadian reading at the Month of Authors, an amazing literary festival in Brno, Czech Republic (birthplace of Kundera). This year the theme is Canadian writing. They’ve invited thirty Canadians to read alongside thirty Czech writers.

Also featured: Sheila Heti, Madeleine Thien, Ken Babstock, George Elliot Clarke, Lynn Coady, Eden Robinson, Michael Crummey, Nicole Brossard…I am having a hard time deciding how to pick highlights –all the authors they’ve invited are amazing. I wish I could stay the whole month. What a beautiful opportunity! I’ll read chapter 6 from The Man Game. The festival has translated all our work from Canadian into Czech, and apparently a big screen will be showing a Czech transcription of what I am reading. I am looking forward to how they translated “poltroon” and “bohunk” into Czech.

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  1. Nascent Bomb Says:
    July 4th, 2008 at 10:59 pm

    ain’t no hunk like a bohunk!

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