Main Attrakionz – Power

Main Attrakionz, Bay Area’s best rap duo — the world’s best rap duo. Part of Green Ova Underground. Part of the freshest crew of rappers and producers working in America today, and after Alabama’s scene’s success, these are the new saviors of rap, no doubt. There’s a lot of classic tunes already laid out by zoned out MondreM.A.N. and Squadda B and so a person could check out Blackberry Kush or Best Duo Ever or Chandelier or their solo tapes. Or check out and search for some of their earlier stuff. There’s at least three hundred tracks already easily available to download and most of their shit is better than most mainstream rap. Check out this vid they put out last month, it’s simple, funky, teenage, stylish, sk8 park zoned out, and musically amazing.

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