IBI- Bandz

My favorite place I’ve never been to is Hunstville, Alabama, home to the most inspirational rap scene in America: Slow Motion Soundz, G-Side, Untamed, Hood Headlinaz, Paper Route Gangstas, Block Beataz, Big P.O.P.E., Mali Boi, Dawgy Baggs, Yelawolf, Nikky 2 States, Mata, Jhi Ali, Money Addict, Jackie Chain, The Last Mr. Bigg, King South…I’m forgetting to mention the names of too many son god MCs, it’s a good scene. If someone sends me there to write about this rap scene, I’ll go. For now, I just listen to the music.

and recently DB49 and this one, IBIĀ  — is it produced by Block Beataz? Must be.

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