Known as Mr Diamond Eye

For the upcoming inaugural issue of Eighteen Bridges I wrote about the Alabama regionally popular rapper King South. Last Mr Bigg, another regionally-huge rapper from Mobile, Alabama, has a DIAMOND IN HIS EYE. His eye has a diamond. That is crazy OG vision. My favorite of the United States for rap music is very next level on every front, even the pupils bling. I’m fascinated by the rap music coming out of Alabama, especially from these producers who call themselves the Block Beataz. I don’t know if Mr Bigg is affiliated or just independently amazing. But his single ‘Satisfied’ is nice and happy, crack-for-crack funny¬† lyrically, and definitely purple on the groove. Very Alabama. Below is a screwed & chopped slowed-down version with good strange visuals of MR DIAMOND in his EYEBALL. Come rap in Vancouver, definitely.

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