Abstract Comics – Steel Pole Bath Tub’s Lurch comic

Steel Pole Bathtub is my favorite noise rock band from the 90s. Dale Flattum aka CC Nova, did visuals for his band and their other project, Milk Cult, which took the sampling and industrial crunch of their rock outfit and made the kind of music Flying Lotus might like if Milk Cult came out today. In 1993 I went to San Francisco by Amtrak with my friend Seven Brothers, and found some of CC Nova‘s comics in an underground paper I picked up at a Haight bookstore, as well as bought his two latest albums, Miracle of Sound in Motion, and the Milk Cult soundtrack for Love God (best weirdest soundtrack ever recorded?). When I moved to Vancouver the first album I bought at Scratch was C.C. Nova’s Dispatch, a collection of his Satanic vinyl & masking tape experiments.  I also found SPBT’s e.p. Lurch on vinyl when I moved to Vancouver. It came with a comic book featuring Flattum’s art and that of some others, including Satan Lee. I have the comic in front of me now. It’s kind of a noisy mix of horror comic tropes, Bay Area punk ‘zine and vinyl insert collage tactics, and a toss of Fluxus fuckery.

A while back I went looking to see who else on the internet has this old comic book, and came across Andrei Molotiu‘s blog attached to his Fantagraphics book Abstract Comics. AC is doing an amazing job covering off almost every size, shape, and concept that artists have employed to rethink the panel form. And the blog features some hi-res scans of the centrepiece of the Lurch comic book, Dale Flattum’s black ink garble narrative treatment of “Hey You.” And there’s so many others surrounding Flattum’s work on the blog that are worth checking at Abstract Comics. It’s become one of my favorite sites.

Here’s a couple more examples from the Lurch comic that I’ve scanned from my own copy…

P.S. Frank Grow, if you happen to read this post, I would love to see your movies. I have wanted to see Love God and the others forever, and have tried different people to see who might be able to track down copies. I haven’t had any luck. Not that I have any special means to find these movies, just a desperate hope to see them. I wonder if this call out to the mysterious searchable ether will help….

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    You sure do have a lot of fun with life.

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