Vancouver is always a place to go for weird noise of all variety. I’ve been a fan of weird Vancouver noise for fifteen or twenty years, since the days of when I could see Chanchre and Pork Queen play live, anyway. But the city is fresh again — it freshens up every year with new crucial groups — and right now with a storm of strange ambient noise music, beat-making, post-dub nightmare, lo-fi bedroom recording weirdos. Noise has been a city staple for decades, yes, definitely, punk and improv and onkyo and feedback, but it’s been a while, or maybe never, that Vancouver has had really super-solid laptop artists. But that’s starting to happen. I’m really big into Babe Rainbow, and his CBC playlist of local music covers a great deal of the most mindblowing stuff like Calamalka, Myths, Basketball, and Tassels. I’m also getting into the creepy vinyl tapeloop simplicity of all that Tassels is doing. At first I misspelled it. But I am feeling Tassels. Reminds me of CC Nova’s stuff for Milk Cult or a funkier Philip Jeck. A few nights a week I see Tassels live because the composer plays soccer outside where I live, and I know him as a photographer and writer as well. Tassels. Click on some Tassels for links to his tunes. Tassles.

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