William Gaddis interview

My friend the Montreal author John Goldbach tipped me off to this clip from a rare William Gaddis interview on YouTube. In it, he talks about the idea of writing from a sense of indignation. The clip is from a half-hour Q&A you can buy and download from the Roland Collection for a measly couple dollars. Roland Collection has many many more videos like this one with not a few other hugely famous authors. But William Gaddis, he was almost as reclusive as Thomas Pynchon and had ten times the brainpower, so far as I can tell from reading them both, so this seems extremely unique that we have access to such a long video interview with him. And considering it’s not a reading but an interview and there’s so little else available with him speaking on the nature of writing, I am really eager to watch this. Unfortunately, I can’t because the full video is not Mac compatible!

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