Save Fadden

Globe & Mail reports today that this summer CSIS director Fadden promises to tell the Prime Minister, privately, the names of the BC politicians under the influence of foreign powers. Sorry, I don’t think it works this way in a free country. The public deserves to know about BCs Premier, etc. It is only fair. If Fadden is forced to resign over this, our country must be in a real moral collapse.

The Globe writes,

In an interview broadcast last month, Mr. Fadden said CSIS believes that at least two provincial cabinet ministers and several B.C. municipal politicians “are under at least the general influence of a foreign government.”

What provinces? Which ministers? Which B.C. municipalities?

Mr. Fadden declined to answer any of those questions on Monday in an appearance before a special summer sitting of the House of Commons public safety committee. He said CSIS will provide the government with the details in a formal briefing “very, very shortly.”

“I will name them … to the government,” Mr. Fadden said in response to questions from MPs.

I am glad spies are in the news these days — spies are real and people forget they are around. The Russian spies really fascinate me. Spies are an interesting sort of bird, because it is kind of pathetic to spy, a professional snitch for govt, quite unattractive to be so completely loyal to an asinine and corruptible system of bureaucrats, but amazing to be part of a secret world of information and intrigue and spook tactics, and the loneliness of it all is rather romantic, too.

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