Rock D, Big Boi — DDT

One half of Altanta rap duo Outkast, Big Boi is about to release his first solo record Sir Luscious Left Foot, and I’ve been following the leaks assiduously, the man is a musical genius, lyrical breakdancer, and his beats are way beyond the average production. I was vexed when the Purple Ribbon Allstars amounted to a fat zilch in the rap scene, considering the heavy verbal flows of all Boi’s second-line rappers. Especially vexing to me was the lack of tracks by Rock D, who stole “Kryptonite” with his opening verse. Rock D had a couple verses on some Killer Mike mixtapes, but that’s all I’ve heard. Well, and this. Here’s a link to download a recent Rock D single that I don’t think was ever properly released, featuring bossman Big Boi. Sweet beat, killer 16 by the son of Chico Dusty, and hopefully a sign of more to come from the young Rock D.

Rock D, feat. Big Boi — DDT

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