Reading in Kelowna for Freedom to Read Week

On Thursday the 25th of February, I’m going to head up to Kelowna to extemporize about the Olympics and athletics and also read a chunk from The Man Game. The artist and writer, based in Kelowna, Portia Priegert, wrote a profile for the local paper. The Kelowna Daily Courier hasn’t had a chance to post it online yet, so Portia scanned a copy of it and sent it to me. I’ll post it here, because I love the look of this scan, which came to me looking more like an artwork than a news item.

It’s also Freedom to Read Week. These days with the Olympics on TV and on the streets around me, I hardly have any freedom or free time to read. In fact, when I go downtown to see the crowds and celebrations at Robson Square I notice more folks shopping at Chapters than at HMV. There’s a ton of other crazy strange things to notice about Vancouver during the Olympics that are worth sharing with an Interior BC crowd.

See you soon, Kelowna!


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